Our consulting services, in business development, directly benefit from a best-of-both-worlds approach: business dependencies meet socioscientific consideration and reflection.

loginb provides its expertise to corporations and the public sector and analyses innovation processes, strategy and change. Further, we consider cultural aspects and communication structures as their enablers and facilitators.

Based on gained insights, we optimise and implement levers to improve your strategic processes. This is always executed in close cooperation on a CEO/senior executive level.

What is the benefit?

‘Attention economy’ and ‘methodological competence’ are two aspects pointing to the importance of such a focused approach, which is both process and outcome-oriented. Unlike a ‘black box’, loginb integrates and adapts its services to the client's unique needs.


Your strategic success is highly dependent on relevant information and communication practices being in place. Why? Because, strategic development is not only a communicative task. In order to be highly effective it leads to an extended demand for information:

consultancy scheme

Corporations and the public sector have to timely perceive developments and sustainably address resulting implications, in order to respond to increasing complexity and increased demands. This strategic approach is aimed at providing ‘action’ instead of ‘reaction’.

In place of standardised solutions we offer a strong analyst and consulting package that is customised to your needs... turn to Projects for ‘action’.